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Growth IS Reflection

We can only grow as far as we know. And to know how far we've grown, it's crucial to create rituals and scheduled routines to expect and prepare for Reflection. This is why AWC consistently reflects and creates new goals monthly. The intention behind each session is driven by that future end-of-the-month scheduled Reflection that each student begins to be accountable for. The power in Reflection is watching our students sit up a bit taller and prouder with big proud grins, when they stop to reflect and acknowledge their own growth. 😊

Let's wonder and discover together!

Come join us this summer as we extend learning through our natural curiosity of the world around us.

From nature we can learn:

  • How to be with anything. To know yourself as someone who can be with hurt, frustration, joy, happiness, love, jealousy, fear. etc.

  • The personal accountability that can come with the overwhelming possibilities and responsibilities

Why Connection is Crucial- to see and know ourselves (Identity of self).

We see and know ourselves through reflection of others. Our human brain compares and shows us what we like, don't like, similarities, and differences. Only when we get to connect with others, do we activate new thoughts and discover ourselves newly.

Please Play for Us!

Bringing play into home with these quick easy games! "Sock it to me"

These games are sure to knock your socks off! :)

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