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About Kayla

Kayla Adams has a BA in Communications, is an Army Veteran, and is a Master Level Reiki Practitioner. Her gift for gab and enthusiasm for life make her very talented at pulling out people’s inner playfulness.


Kayla’s passion is to walk people through their happiest and darkest times. She is a self-proclaimed “life cheerleader”.


Kayla’s life experiences have shown her that with the right attitude and a little bit of laughter, anything can be turned into a positive experience.

Incorporating Play Into Your Daily Life

Kayla’s workshop focuses on the importance of play as an adult. It is easy to get wrapped up in the stresses of adulting, but Kayla’s workshop was developed to introduce the students to different acts of play that are easily incorporated in a busy schedule.


Looking for a space to unwind and giggle like a kid again? Incorporating Play can help you achieve that goal! 

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