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Sessions are designed around student's individual learning style to ensure their success all while empowering them through their learning as they begin to take ownership and accountability over their education.


AWC supports students with schoolwork and emotional obstacles through relationship-based coaching centered around social-emotional development. 

It is always our goal to respect the rights of the student, therefore we encourage that the choice to be a part of the program is left up to the student. We strive to build strong, trusting relationships with families by creating personalized programs that aim to nurture students' individual growth and success. We treat each family we work with as our own, hoping to build positive relationships that last a lifetime!

Zoom sessions tailored to students' individual learning styles.

Students Design Their Own Sessions

Detailed Session Reports


Using the strength-based approach, students will develop their self-efficacy and recognize their potential as they learn how to utilize the unique skills they have always possessed.


Using methods including yoga, meditation, and deep breathing, students will learn how to recognize their emotions and ultimately learn how to regulate them.


Students will learn how to love themselves through getting in touch with their inner thoughts and feelings, leading them to a space in which they can hold their own happiness in a high regard.


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When COVID stay-at-home orders were put into place and school was made all-virtual, my wife and I were very concerned that our son Braden (4th grader) would fall behind as he really was much more engaged with learning in a classroom setting. While we were initially skeptical of virtual tutoring, after being introduced to KC and AWC, our fears were put to rest and we knew with KC's guidance, this would be an excellent supplement to Braden's virtual classes. With 3-time a week sessions, KC made learning fun & engaging and kept Braden on-track (especially with homework assignments). Braden truly looked forward to every session with KC and she kept things really interesting in her mobile classroom as she traveled the country in her converted school bus!! Braden loved learning about the places that KC visited and they setup an awesome reward system where Braden would earn points towards refrigerator magnets from different cities that KC would mail to him. HE LOVED IT! Overall, KC and AWC was an incredible resource for Braden and a life-saver for two parents with full-time jobs working from home. We highly recommend KC and AWC!!!

Mitch, Parent

KC is an amazing teacher who adapts quickly to the child’s strengths and weaknesses. We appreciate her detailed notes, and recommendations that she provides daily. That way I know as a parent we’re being efficient in class and providing my daughter with real time change. KC is also very loving and patient. It shows how much she loves children and helping them succeed. Inthe short month our daughters penmanship has dramatically improved.

Jessie, Parent

I love teacher Kaori's dedication to my son Elijah. During the 30 minute sessions, she has a structured agenda that allows him to come out of his shell/overcome his shyness, and focus on reading & writing (which I feel he is lacking from his preschool). She keeps them fun, full of games with incentivized point system to engage him.

Julie, Parent

For my son, homeschooling during stay-at-home orders was an emotional and mental challenge. Kaori served as friend/teacher/mentor. She build trust with my teenager first! I knew this had to be the first step to get my son motivated again. After working through mental barriers he was able to focus and get his work done!

I wish I would have contacted Kaori sooner to support my son. We just ran out of time for my son to get caught up and complete all his homeschooling work during stay-at-home orders.

Valerie, Parent

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