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Terms & Conditions


The Parent/Guardian agrees to provide appropriate space for the student that is conducive to their learning. This includes (but is not limited to) making sure the student is in a quiet area where they can focus without distraction, has stable internet access, has appropriate resources and materials ready prior to the sessions, etc. The Parent/Guardian agrees to support their child in arriving to sessions on time and prepared.



The Parent/Guardian agrees to honor the schedule agreed upon during the intake meeting. The details of the coaching sessions (dates, times, & rates) can be found on the student’s individualized “Agreement Form”.


The Parent/Guardian agrees to pay the session fees via electronic payment on time according to the due date listed on each invoice. Sessions are paid in advance by the month. Invoices will be sent via email monthly. Failure to pay an invoice on time may result in the postponement of sessions.



Sessions may be canceled no later than 3 hours prior to the session. If the Parent/Guardian is running late or has an emergency, it must be communicated to the Coach when possible. Coaches will wait up to 10 minutes before considering the session a “No-show” provided no communication is made by the Parent/Guardian to the Coach. No-show sessions will not be refunded, but rather rescheduled to a later date/time that accommodates both the Parent/Guardian and coach’s schedule. If there are no available make-up dates/times within the month, the additional session can be made up the following month.


*If a Coach fails to show up to a session without any communication, please inform the Admin Team at (747) 291-9332



AWC’s foundation is rooted in providing children and families a safe space to learn and grow. In order to deliver our quality programs, we request each family member to trust and honor each other’s right to confidentiality.


It is our intention to empower our students to reach their goals based on matters that are of interest or importance to them. We have found that respecting the freedom and confidentiality to communicate is essential for them to fully participate. For this reason, we request that parents/legal guardians honor the process of the coaching by allowing the student to participate independently, except during the designated times (e.g. intakes, parent meetings, etc.) The students will be asked to provide consent to share session details with parents/guardians. Our students are encouraged to share as much as they feel comfortable with parents/ guardians themselves. If there is any additional information you would like to obtain, we request permission from the student to share on their behalf.



I (Parent/Guardian) have read through and hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this contract.

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