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Meet Our Team

Get to know our diverse and experienced teachers who are eager to work with you and your child! Coming from backgrounds specializing in math, English, child development, psychology, and much more, each teacher has their own unique set of skills they can offer to each student they work with. Focusing on the whole child, it is our top priority to help ensure the overall wellbeing of each student is addressed first and foremost while maintaining consistent and effective communication with parents.


Kaori Cierra "KC" Yamamoto

Founder & CEO

"KC" is an outgoing and charismatic educator who is dedicated to helping children and their families in any way she can. She spent two years in Thailand with the Peace Corps where she taught English. She uses her creativity and expertise when working with children to build strong, trusting relationships that help to nourish their learning.


Brenda Salgado

Infant & Toddler Parent Education Specialist

Brenda is an experienced early childhood educator who has worked in early childhood education for 14 years. She has her M.A. in Human Development, Leadership, and Education. Her interests are reading, traveling, and listening to music.


Emily Blackwell

Co-Founder & COO

Emily is a passionate educator and has her B.A. in Early Childhood Development. She has extensive experience being an early childhood educator. She is currently a Family Childcare Specialist with Head Start and is working on obtaining her M.S in Child & Adolescent Developmental Psychology. Her interests are in animals, music, and photography.


Brigitte Ricchia 

Women's Wellness Program Coordinator

Brigitte is committed to bringing playfulness and loving energy into people's lives. Focusing on self-care and mindfulness, she is dedicated to spiritual and mental wellness. She is passionate about empowering women to uplift those around her. Her interests are dancing, meditation, and traveling. 


Julie Camacho

Resource Specialist

Julie has traveled and lived abroad over the past 3 years teaching English in Asia. Julie believes challenging and stepping out of one's comfort zone enhances their ability to gain confidence, lead others, and empower them to put their thoughts into action. Her interests include traveling, cooking, and playing sports.

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